Subaru Buying or Leasing Process Orange County, CA

Subaru Buying or Leasing Process Orange County, CA
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Why Should You Consider Leasing?

At Renick Subaru, you'll find a variety of great new Subaru models for sale or lease. Which is the better deal for you? We won't make your decision for you, but here you'll find side-by-side facts on the costs and benefits of buying or leasing. The two are similar in that you'll be making monthly payments, and most people want to replace their old vehicles after a few years. When a lease ends, you just have to return your vehicle. If you bought a new Subaru, you can keep it as long as you want, or resell it or trade it in. As time passes, a purchased vehicle's value goes down, so you'll always sell it for less than you spent on it. Buying is preferable for people who appreciate ownership, or who drive more than 10,000 miles a year. Car leases come with driving limits, but there's no limit on how much you can drive in your own vehicle. Read through the comparisons here, then come to Renick Subaru for a test drive!

Buying Leasing
Sizable down payment Money Down Less up front money
Higher monthly payment Monthly payment Lower monthly payment (up to 60% lower)
Negotiated trade-in value Trade-in No trade-in hassle or negotiation
Responsible for maintenance costs after warranty expires Warranty Less maintenance - typically always under warranty
GAP protection not included - added expense to purchase GAP Protection GAP protection included
Stagnant technology based on what was in effect at time of purchase Technology Technology obsolescence protection
No loyalty incentives Loyalty Lease loyalty incentives
Eligible for all dealer incentives Incentives Eligible for all dealer incentives 2
Potential negative equity if you sell your car before it is paid off Equity No chance of negative equity
Not required to maintain vehicle, but recommended so your vehicle lasts longer Program Maintenance Responsible for program maintenance per manufacturers recommendation or you may be charged excess wear and tear
The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same Vehicle Price The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same
Insurance payments are the same Insurance Insurance payments are the same

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Should You Buy or Lease? Discover the Benefits of Leasing a New Subaru in Fullerton, CA

The moment you've found the perfect vehicle is special. Less special is figuring out how to pay for it. Fortunately for Fullerton drivers, you're not on your own in the financing process, because the knowledgeable finance team here at Renick Subaru is here to help. Especially when you're deciding whether to buy or lease a new Subaru, it's helpful to have some guidance.

Why Should You Lease a New Subaru in Fullerton?

Getting an auto loan to buy a vehicle certainly has its own distinct appeal in, but leasing your new Subaru from Renick Subaru can provide you with many benefits in Los Angeles that buying doesn't. So why should you lease a new Subaru?

  • You save money! That's because, unlike buying, you don't pay full price for a new Subaru; you only pay for the term of your lease, which is usually 24 to 36 months.
  • Because you're not paying the full price, monthly lease payments tend to be lower than monthly loan payments for Costa Mesa drivers. While leases generally have mileage restrictions, they can be very advantageous for those who generally drive less than 15,000 miles per year anyway, precisely because of the lower monthly payments.
  • Most maintenance is covered under warranty for the duration of your lease.
  • When your lease is up and you return your Subaru back to our dealership, the trade in process is hassle free.
  • Here's the best part: every time you sign a new lease, you can upgrade to the newest Subaru model available! That means you have the opportunity to drive a brand new Subaru in Long Beach every few years.

New 2017 and 2018 Subaru Models Available for Sale or Lease from Renick Subaru in Fullerton, Serving Orange County and Long Beach, CA

Renick Subaru is here to help you find the ideal vehicle for a practical, efficient, and comfortable lifestyle. Whether that means you prefer the off-road capabilities of Subaru classics like the Outback and Forester, or you need the reliable quality of the Legacy, Impreza, BRZ, or XV Crosstrek, we have something for you from the 2017 Subaru lineup. Our friendly sales professionals have years of experience matching customers with the perfect vehicle and they'll be delighted to do the same for you. At Renick Subaru, serving Costa Mesa, our inventory features the latest from Subaru, along with Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and a variety of other used makes and models. When you're ready for a test drive, just schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (877) 300-4706. Renick Subaru is located at 1100A S. Euclid St, Fullerton, CA 92832, serving Los Angeles and Garden Grove. We look forward to serving you!